Greenify Pro- Battery Saver for Rooted Android

At a time Android device plays a vital role in today’s world, do you let it go waste with fast battery draining? Maybe in history but taking it to no longer, Greenify is now in view as the best battery saver for Android. It accepts both rooted and none-rooted devices supporting a wide device range powered Android 4.0 to above. But if you are rooted or Xposed installed, Greenify serves better with its Pro features which you would not found in the free package. As you see Greenify free being a topic for many discussions, let’s now see how Greenify Pro make the change with $2.99 upgrade. If you are with a rooted Android and fussing with battery draining, this is for you addressing your burning issue. So read on and catch all facts around the Pro Upgrade.

Greenify Pro

Greenify Donation APK, which is simply called Pro upgrade need root to access. The difference of the $2.99 upgrade comes with its experimental features which are not offered with the free download. But there could be limitations on respect to the device model and Android version. In fact, these experimental features will serve a varied support to different ROM models and Android versions. So keep this in mind if you are new to the Pro upgrade and worried of not getting the support of all features.

Can I Hibernate System Apps with Greenify Pro?

All before going to the discussion, I must add a word on greenifying system apps. In simple and brief, greenifying system apps is not safe for your Android. As System apps are made to assist core functionality of your device operating system and essential in process notifications and updates they are advised not to hibernate. In fact, system apps pay a lot contribution to keep your Operating system healthy. So greenifying them, need a lot of concern.

Greenify Pro

If you still need to hibernate system apps, you must first convert them into normal apps (select only none-critical system applications which are less interactive with the carrier). To do so you can get the help of a tool like Titanium backup or something altered. If done, you can go on processing as hibernating a  normal app. But if you are with Greenify Pro Download, the benefit is more. In fact, you will find a special feature there which could directly apply the mode on System apps.

Can Enable Push-Notifications for Greenified Apps with Donation package?

Unlike iOS, Android push notification comes in background tasks. So hibernating stops apps from receiving push notifications which are extremely needed for some apps functioning. And knowing push notifications are important even for apps stay hibernated, Greenify Pro APK has got an experimental feature as “GCM push for greenified apps”. So with this feature, you can enable Push notifications for the apps that use Google Cloud Messaging. They can easily identify with the “GCM icon” with the app in the app analyzer. So this is another benefit with the Pro upgrade to keep some apps greenified but enabled push notification.

Greenify Pro

If you note push notifications stop getting in some situations, make sure to reactivate the registration.

Final words

Greenify is designed to both power and average users also separating from root status. With this, you can easily know what the impact of the apps on your Android power and which need to be in a temporary sleep to preserve battery strength. In fact, it is a decision you should take considering the app functionality and device experience. Simply, Greenify helps you to save battery getting hunted from power hungry apps and making a considerable lift in the device experience. So head Greenify Pro if you think the free version is limited in some features and take the full benefit of your Android run.

In the words of developer Oasis Feng, “Greenify is not a final solution, but a raise of voice”. So as this means not the end of Greenify news, we invite you to stay signed.

Greenify Donation APK With More Experimental Features

There are millions of apps for your Android to make your everyday work comfortable. But are you too worried about taking all them on your device with concerned the impact on your Android battery? In fact, would you let your device battery to rule over your whole Android run? But why? The question for yourself which is now answered by Greenify as the best solution to fast battery draining with a lot of apps installed on the device. So in this post, we try bringing you everything about Greenify Donation APK which inherits more experimental features than the free package to make more use of the app. So let’s see what makes the upgrade of $2.99 worth from free download.

Greenify Donation APK

When you are meeting numerous options in web search, aiming the same battery preserving purpose there are specific facts makes you tie again and again with Greenify APK. Most importantly it is available in both free and premium app download targeting both rooted and none-rooted Android user. Unlike other complicated tool operations, Greenify is made of user-friendly standards allowing all level users to engage with its functions comfortably. And as we are clear how it preserves battery power putting apps in hibernation, the app does not come with secret functions making the user doubt whether to continue download or stop at the view. So in simply, Greenify is one of the best options to keep your battery in green and healthy condition.

Greenify Donation APK

Greenify Pro or what we also call Greenify Donation APK is developed o work on rooted Android devices. Inheriting various experimental features than what you get in the free download, this Premium app reaches the user with more advanced functioning. So if you are worried about fast battery draining in your rooted android, head Greenify Donation app Download for $2.99.

The app works in the same mechanism with the active mode of hibernation. So just as in the free version, it put the selected apps to complete static state knowing it has a bad impact on your Android battery. First look what eats more battery in your device and decide what should put in a temporary sleep. In fact, the apps you select to put in hibernation will stay completely inactive until the day you recall. So with Greenify, you can prevent the unintentional battery consumption of the apps being in the background which would be extremely important to put into work for something you need urgent. And limiting it not only to that, Greenify also stop lagging of your device monitoring its power on what to consume or not. So have a try on the donation APK which will function active hibernation together with more experimental features above the free app.

  • Boost mode feature work with required Xposed
  • Wake-up Tracker advanced option to work with required Xposed
  • A Feature to enable Notifications even being hibernated
  • GCM push message access to wake up hibernated apps which required Xposed to function
  • Give access to greenify most system apps in your device
  • Block App State Abuse with installed Xposed and more

Note: As some features are in experimental levels for some device models, all these cannot be expected in every Android device soon with the Greenify Pro upgrade. So process at your own risk and better with a Nandroid backup

How to Set up Xposed Installer?

Greenify Donation APK

  • Install Greenify Donation APK on Android (Recommend Greenify Donation APK v3.2.1 latest)
  • Install Xposed installer
  • Once it is installed, turn on “Greenify” in the Modules
  • Launch Xposed frame-work and confirm Greenify in the modules tab
  • Then install/update
  • Let the device gets rebooted and enjoy

What’s New?

The latest Donation APK 3.2.1 comes,

  • Addressing the problem in wake-up tracker
  • Enhanced support in wake up tracker
  • Fixed the time-freezing problem make by aggressive Doze ( Android 7.1.)
  • Work improvements

Greenify APK

Greenify Donation APK has a lot to do with your Android. But make sure you are rooted or installed Xposed to function all these features. If you find any related doubts while operating the app on your device, feel free to reach us for more clarifications.